CLS 2007 Programme

Critical Labour Studies 4th Symposium 2007

STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow


 Saturday 17 November 2007
 09.00-10.15   Hard Labour/New Labour Speakers : Dave Moxham, Assistant General Secretary (STUC), Hugh Lanning, Deputy General Secretary (PCS), Gerry Mooney (Open University), Sally Ruane (Health Policy Research Unit, de Montfort University
 10.15-10.35   Coffee Break
 10.35-11.25  ‘On the Waterfront’ – City Regeneration and Community ActivismSpeakers: Jonathan Charley, Geoff Whitham/Christine Cooper/ Graham Campbell
 11.25-12.45  Health and Safety Asbestos Speakers: Tommy Gorman (Clydebank Asbestos Group) and Andy Watterson (University of Stirling)ICL/Stockline Speakers: Laurence Connolly (former Stockline worker)/Phil Taylor (University of Strathclyde)
 12.45-14.00  LUNCH
14.00-15.30 The Political Economy of Space, Geography and LabourGlobal LabourSpeaker: Andy Herod (University of Georgia)Trade Union Organising in TurkeySpeaker: Demlet Dinler(SOAS)Sierra LeoneSpeaker: John Stirling (University of Northumbria)
15.30-15.45  Coffee Break
 15.45-17.00  Alternatives to War and to TridentSpeakers: Mike Danson (University of Paisley), Stephen Boyd (Assistant General secretary STUC), Yassamine Mather
18.00-19.30  Peter Bain Memorial Meal, Bar and Entertainment
 Sunday 18 November 2007 
10.00-11.15  Privatisation, Restructuring and ResistanceSpeakers: Danny Williamson (PCS), Andrew Smith (Glasgow Caledonian University), Tommy McKearney (Independent Workers’ Union), Paul Stewart (University of Strathclyde)
11.15-11.35  Coffee
11.35-12.20  Voices from the Front Line – Struggle and ResistanceIncluding speakers from postal workers (CWU), council workers (Unison).
12.20-13.00  The Future of CLS Discussion introduced by Miguel Martinez-Lucio