A radical geography journal


The website of left political, social and cultural commentary


Conference of Socialist Economists and the Capital and Class journal

Labour Net

A key source for trade union and activist based information

Labour Start

A key source for trade union and activist based information


Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change (based at the University of Leeds)


European Work and Employment Research Centre (based at the University of Manchester)

Cornell University Labor Studies

The world of work is a source of unlimited research and programmatic opportunities for driving positive change.

Global DevelopmentĀ Institute

The Global Development Institute addresses global inequalities in order to promote a socially-just world in which all people, including future generations, are able to enjoy a decent life.

International Political Economy Group

A network of predominantly University-based researchers who write about issues of inequality, poverty, workers’ rights, financialisation, neoliberalism, etc.

Labour Research Department

Labour Research Department

Socialist Register

Annual publication and network

Union for Radical Political Economists

Union for Radical Political Economists

Working Class Movement Library

The WCML collection tells the story of Britain’s working classes from the earliest days of industrialisation to the present day.