CLS Special Event 2015

Work Politics and Austerity


CLS austerity event


A one-day special event

14 November 2015 11-5pm.

VENUE: GMB Euston Office. 22 Stephenson Way Euston London NW1
REGISTRATION: Please register by emailing critical_labour_studies Spaces are limited.
COST: £20 waged and £10 unwaged.


Radical left politics The continuing intensification of neoliberal policies across Europe and beyond will bring major challenges to the workers and popular classes, at home and abroad.

The re-composition of radical left politics in the UK and internationally presents both a challenge and an opportunity for activities and academics. In this context, Critical Labour Studies (CLS) in partnership with the Conference of Socialist Economics (CSE) has organised a one-day event with the intention of encouraging discussion and reflection after the political changes of the current year.

The CLS tradition is one of open debate and discussion. The day will be organised around four themed session, with maximum time for discussion from participants:

  • Crisis and austerity: trade union responses
  • Left poiltics and the labour movement
  • Alternatives to austerity in Europe
  • New worlds of work

Speakers include activists/academics from a number of backgrounds including GMB Maurizio Atzeni, Elly Baker, Jenny Chan, Neil Davidson, Monica Clua Losada, Rachel Cohen, Bob Jeffery, John Kelly, Phoebe Moore, Paul Stewart, Martin Upchurch.


11.00: Crisis and austerity: trade union responses, John Kelly, Rachel Cohen

12.30: Lunch (provided)

13.30: Alternatives to austerity in Europe, Bob Jeffery, Monica Clua Losada, Martin Upchurch

14.45: Left politics and Labour: from Scotland to Westminster, Neil Davidson and Paul Stewart

16.00: Break

16.15: New worlds of work and resistance, Maurizio Atzeni, Jenny Chan, Elly Baker, Phoebe Moore

17.30: Close

Also for your diary: the annual two-day CLS Symposium and workshop will be held in Durham in November 2016.